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✅ Live Online SAT Math Practice Test

This test is intended to measure your current standing in the SAT Math section of the exam.

  • This test has a no calculator section (section 3), and a calculator section (section 4).
  • There are 20 questions in section 3, and 38 questions in section 4.
  • Most questions in each section are in multiple-choice format, except the final few questions that are free-response (short answers).

Be sure to NOT use a calculator for section 3. You may use scrap paper to help you solve problems as you go through the entire test.

⚠️ Here are a few things you should consider before you take this test:

  • You will take this test under timed conditions. This is done to simulate your actual test day for this Math test. A maximum of 80 minutes is allowed for all 58 questions of this test. A test timer will be visible during the test.
  • The test timer will start counting time backwards from 1:20:00 once the test page loads
  • Please spend no more than 25 minutes on section 3. Remember that on the actual test day you will not be able to come back to section 3 once you have started section 4.
  • When the test timer shows 0:55:00, it means you have exactly 55 minutes left and thus should begin section 4 promptly.
  • NOTE: the test timer will not stop even if you leave the test before submitting it. Therefore, if you begin the test, you must finish it. Otherwise you will be unable to take it again! Do not begin the test if you plan on returning to it later.
  • You are allowed to take this test exactly once

For best results, we recommend you to take this test on a Desktop or Laptop computer instead of a phone.

After you are done with the test, your results along with answers and detailed solutions for all questions will be e-mailed to you. However, you must answer at least 10 questions correctly to be eligible to receive your detailed answers and solutions by e-mail. This ensures that you attempt the problems with 100% commitment and not simply play around with our system.

Begin the test only if you have exactly 80 minutes of time available right now.


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*SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this timed test.


Alternatively, you can take a test by playing the video below!

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