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Skype Tutoring Policies


Sessions will take place via Skype application. If the tutor is late, the additional time needed for the normal session duration will be added.
If the student shows up within the first 15 minutes of the designated time of the Skype session,
the additional time needed for the normal session duration may or may not be added, and resolution of this issue is strictly left to the tutor’s discretion.
If the student shows up more than 15 minutes late to the Skype session, the session will be forfeited – the fee for the session will NOT be refunded.

Durations of Skype sessions will be rounded to the nearest 15-minute mark (forward or backward, depending on the minute).

Example #1: your Skype session duration was 54 minutes – it will be counted as 1 hour, respectively.

Example #2: your Skype session duration was 1 hour and 5 minutes – it will be counted as 1 hour, respectively.

Example #3: your Skype session duration was 1 hour and 38 minutes – it will be counted as 1 hour 45 minutes, respectively.

These timing rules apply toward multi-hour packages and pay-as-you go sessions (read more about multi-hour packages below).


Sessions will be generally forfeited if

(1) tutors are informed of the Skype session cancellation less than 24 hours before the scheduled session
(2) the emergency cancellation is announced when tutors are already waiting on Skype application

Exceptions to case (1) can be made in the event of a family or medical emergency.
You must contact your tutor at least 3 (three) hours before your Skype session to reschedule it (arrange a make-up).
However, if the emergency happens at the time when your tutor is already waiting on their Skype application for the session to begin, the session will be forfeited. This happens in case (2).
The session fee in both cases will not be refunded, which means that there will be no make-up for forfeited Skype sessions.
Cancelled Skype make-ups cannot be made up, regardless of reasons for cancellation.
We allow a maximum of 2 (two) legitimate Skype make-up sessions for any set of 20 consecutive Skype sessions.
You should always contact your tutor to arrange make-ups.


We accept payments by check and credit/debit card. Multi-hour package bill is to be paid in one single installment before the first Skype session of the multi-hour package begins.
Pay-as-you-go Skype session fees must be paid before these sessions begin.
If you prefer to pay by credit/debit card, we will send you an electronic invoice by email that will enable you to make a convenient instant PayPal or Zelle payment.
Invoices will have a due date. Late payments will incur a $20.00 late fee. These fees will be added to any unpaid bills remaining in your account.
We reserve the right to put sessions on hold or stop providing them altogether if any given bill remains unpaid. Unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated by us.


Once we agree upon the desired number of Skype sessions, an appropriate tutor will be assigned for the client.
Tutors will be initially informed of potentially convenient times for clients; however, responsibility lies with the client and the tutor to finalize the schedule of purchased sessions.
MathCabin.com does not resolve scheduling issues and conflicts.
This includes inappropriately missed Skype sessions and make-ups.
Should a particularly complicated issue arise, we will have the tutor explain the situation to us.
We will also require each tutor to provide a finalized tutoring schedule to us.


Even though we do not guarantee a specific score (letter or numerical grade), we do provide a student satisfaction guarantee.
We request personal feedback after every three consecutive Skype sessions. If you feel the need to request another tutor, let us know immediately.
Your request should be sent by e-mail (revisedsat@gmail.com). Our tutors are independent contractors who provide their own syllabuses and curriculums of study. Tutors are also open to help with homework examples, which includes any handouts or specific school material the student needs to complete.
If you are not satisfied with your tutor, we will be glad to arrange for another tutor at your earliest convenience.
We only allow one tutor change request during the course of your association with us. We aim to provide the best possible match for you at the initial session.


Math Grade Level Arrangement Type Hourly Rate (per student)
Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, general K-12, ISEE / SSAT Math one-on-one $50
Precalculus, GED Math, SAT Math, ACT Math one-on-one $55
Calculus, GRE Math, GMAT Math one-on-one $60
Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, general K-12, ISEE / SSAT Math group (2-3 students) $30
Precalculus, GED Math, SAT Math, ACT Math group (2-3 students) $35
Calculus, GRE Math, GMAT Math group (2-3 students) $40

Rates are subject to change at any time with or without notice. Prices in the packages purchased before these changes take place will not be affected.


If you purchased a multi-hour Skype package, you must complete it.
We do not offer refund for any remaining or completed Skype sessions in any given multi-hour package.
If you cancelled your session at least 24 hours before your scheduled session, you must reschedule it.
We will not provide refund for missed tutoring Skype sessions under any circumstances.
This includes emergencies and family accidents. Also, missed lessons in legitimate cases cannot be moved or added as session credits to the next discounted package.
In all legitimate cases you must reschedule your Skype session so that it takes place before your given package is completed.
Pay-as-you-go Skype sessions follow the same 24-hour cancellation rule. If your tutor fails to show up, a make-up must be scheduled.
If your tutor repeatedly fails to show up, we will provide another tutor who will complete the remaining Skype sessions of a multi-hour package as well as make-up(s).
If you feel that you cannot commit to purchasing a multi-hour package, you may sign up for pay-as-you-go Skype sessions with regular rates.
Purchased tutoring sessions may be tailored to best fit your schedule.
However, all purchased Skype sessions (multi-hour packages) will expire in exactly 2 (two) weeks after purchase if the first session is NOT started.
In other words, you will have 2 (two) weeks to start your first Skype session until your package purchase expires.
Any two consecutive sessions in a multi-hour package must not be spaced more than 2 (two) weeks apart. Otherwise, they will be due to expire. Example: you complete 8 sessions out of the purchased 10-hour package in a timely manner, but then have a time gap of more than 2 weeks to have the remaining two sessions completed: these remaining two sessions will be expired / forfeited and non-refundable. There will be no refund for any expired tutoring Skype sessions. This helps us ensure the best quality of service for our clients.

All teachers hired by MathCabin.com receive their work
compensation only and directly from MathCabin.com, and
are NOT allowed to provide services to our clients outside of our

These policies hold for the entire period of your association with us, and may be subject to change at any time with or without notice.


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